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About Us

Angels Community Group has been set up to ‘provide meaningful social and economic opportunities to people experiencing a sense of loss by facilitating a culture that values the power of collective healing, nurtures individual strengths and most importantly motivates others to help themselves by helping others’. Under this purpose we are able to provide assistance to the most vulnerable and needy within the Bundaberg community ~ specifically targeting the unemployed, homeless or at risk of being homeless, financially disadvantaged and at-risk-youth.

On any given day, there could be any number of people accessing our programs and services. The assistance we provide offers the people we help a purpose: from feeding themselves or their family, being able to put clothes on their backs, putting their life back together, undertaking training or finding employment to getting off the streets. Having a purpose in life gives people direction and meaning and most importantly is a starting point for those who have lost their way. 

Through our programs and services, Angels Community Group works hard to support local individuals, families and the community by providing access to quality employment and training programs, innovative social enterprises and charitable projects that make an impact.

Programs & Services

Government Funded Programs


Community Work Skills and Work Skills Traineeships are two programs under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Initiative that provide Angels Community Group with the opportunity to support local Bundaberg people to gain the skills, qualifications and experience to enter and stay in the workforce. These programs improve skills and employment opportunities for eligible people and we are excited to be working with the Queensland Government to deliver these valuable employment and training programs.

Non-Government Funded Programs & Services


Second2None is a second-hand store and Angels Community Group’s main social enterprise. With the generosity of the local community, we are able to supply good quality second-hand goods and clothes to the people of Bundaberg. Second2None is also an opportunity to give our clients and volunteers real retail experience in a supportive, work environment.


Although initial set-up of the below projects was funded under our SQW contract, all of these projects are now fully sustained through support from individuals and local businesses/organisations who generously give donations of either time (as in volunteering), financial and/or in-kind support of goods or services.

School Lunch Program - One of the first projects of its kind in Bundaberg, Angels Community Group partnered with a local primary school to deliver food to students who would not normally eat lunch on a regular basis. The School Lunch Program runs completely on donations of food and goods/services from the local community.

Angels Community Cupboard - Another first of its kind for Bundaberg due to the fact that the cupboard is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week, we are able to provide a much-needed service by assisting individuals and families within the local community access essential grocery items during tough economic times at no cost. The philosophy behind the cupboard is take when you’re in need and give when you’re not.

Angels Delight Soup & Coffee Bar - Our latest project is an extension of our Community Cupboard and operates 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday out of the Second2None store. Providing anyone who needs it with hot soup and coffee as well as cakes and slices on occasion, Angels Delight is fully sustained by donations from Angels Community Cupboard as well as the generosity of local individuals and businesses.

A passionate organisation dedicated to giving back to the community, we are committed to extending our range of social enterprises and charitable projects into the future. This spirit of giving is championed by our Board, staff and volunteers and in addition to transforming lives (our own included), we whole-heartedly believe in new beginnings, broadened horizons, seizing opportunities and smashing stigmas. We also live by our motto that you help yourself by helping others! 

Quick Facts About The Region

Angels Community Group is located in the suburb of Bundaberg South, the council of Bundaberg, the state electorate of Bundaberg and the federal electorate of Hinkler.