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Personal Peace Clinic Psychology

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About Us

Life had always been such a struggle! And then… I discovered that everyone has the potential to live a happy joyous life and I will do everything that I possibly can to help you reach that happy place, especially in your relationships, but essentially in every area of your life. YOU have the potential to live your happy joyous life. Are you uncomfortable enough to make these changes? Are you ready to step into your happy place? It is time. Let’s do it together. Are you struggling with your relationship? My new step-by-step program, ‘Amazing Relationships’ helps you clear the hurt and disappointment from past and current relationships. This would allow you to move into the relationships and the life of your dreams. Are you feeling stuck, held back by some invisible force in your life? More often than not it is a limiting belief that you have formed in the first seven years of your life that is keeping you stuck and the tricky thing is that it is UNCONSCIOUS. I will help you identify what that limiting belief is and clear it from your life FOREVER!

Quick Facts About The Region

Personal Peace Clinic Psychology is located in the suburb of Trinity Beach, the council of Cairns, the state electorate of Barron River and the federal electorate of Leichhardt.