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Welcome to Stanthorpe, the coolest place in Queensland! Noted for apples and grapes, and beautiful frosty mornings viewed from a chair in front of a roaring open fireplace. We challenge you to a winter parkrun, when it is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey! Our course runs along the Quart Pot Creek, in Gleeson Park. The start and finish are at the Rotunda opposite the council pool and YMCA gym in Talc Street. It is a 2 loop course, where you run to the other side of the creek, complete 2 loops, then return back to the start/finish area. The start line is slightly north of the rotunda near the skate park, and the first 200m of the track runs south along the creek on grass towards Lock St. Please stay between the cones and the creek for this section, and we ask spectators to stand to the road side of the cones. At Lock street turn right across the bridge. Please ensure you stay on the footpath between the pedestrian safety rails, and do not run on the road. After the bridge, turn right and head into the park again. The track is a paved footpath, with very gentle undulations. Follow this path and continue to travel along the south side of the creek. At Brittania St, you will cross the creek again using a bridge, and start to head back again. Please ensure you stay on the footpath between the safety rails, and do not run on the road. You then run back along the north side of the Quart Pot Creek, staying on the footpath until a small bridge. Just after the bridge a sign will indicate you turn left off the track, and follow cones across the grass in a loop towards Connor St. We call this our brass monkey loop, and in winter will be crunchy underfoot due to frost. This loop then returns to the paved footpath on Connor St, and you will turn right at a marked tree and head back towards the Creek. At the creek you will cross via a foot bridge - careful as there are no side rails! There is most likely to be a family of ducks in the water underneath you. Just after the bridge, the track divides. At this point you will turn right to complete a second loop exactly as the first loop - along the southern side of the creek, cross at the Brittania St bridge, back along the northern side of the creek, and complete the Brass Monkey loop. After your second crossing of the foot bridge (and saying ‘Hi” to the ducks again), you will turn left and start re-tracing your steps back to the finish line following the paved footpath. Turn left at Lock St and ensure you stay on the footpath between the pedestrian barriers, not on the road. Then turn left into Talc St and follow between the cones and the creek along the grass to the finish line. Facilities Public toilets are available by following a laneway just to the south of the YMCA gym. During summer there may also be access to toilet and change facilities in the YMCA and the council pool area. Please ask the run director on the morning. Parking is available in the YMCA council carpark opposite the start and finish line rotunda in Gleeson Park Getting There Location of startThe run starts at the Rotunda opposite the council pool and YMCA gym in Talc Street. Getting there by public transportCrisps Coaches runs a bus service to Stanthorpe. For services please visit their website. Getting there on footFrom the bus stop on the corner of Folkestone St and Maryland St, walk north along the main street (Maryland St). Continue past the post office, then turn left into Victoria St. Use the zebra crossings to cross over Lock St and Victoria St, then continue down Lock St past the library and art gallery. Turn right into Talc Street and continue to the Rotunda on the left to find us! Getting there by roadIf travelling from Warwick side of Stanthorpe, exit the New England Highway towards the city centre. Turn right into Connor St, which is the Texas turn off. Continue along Connor St past the primary school, then turn left into Talc St. From the post office in the town centre, head west along Railway St. Before the bridge, turn right into Creek St. Follow to the end, turn left into Lock St, and then right into Talc St. The start and finish line is opposite the council pool and the YMCA in Gleeson Park. Parking is available at the YMCA Post Run Coffee Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Fork and Cork Cafe and Restaurant, 18 Maryland St, Stanthorpe - please come and join us!

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parkrun - Stanthorpe is located in the suburb of Stanthorpe, the council of Southern Downs, the state electorate of Southern Downs and the federal electorate of Maranoa.