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Dimboola Men's Outdoor Group - Mens Shed

Dimboola Men's Outdoor Group

Dimboola VIC 3414

(03) 5397 2137

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About Us

Activities within the Men's Shed are many and various: metal work, restoration or old cars, building pre-fab houses for war-torn counties, Men from all backgrounds, ethnic and social mixes can enjoy the Men's Shed, bring their unique cultural characteristics to enliven the activities. The common theme in Men's Sheds is about men feeling useful and contributing again to their communities, learning or sharing their skills, making friends, networking and availing themselves to health information programs and opportunities. Men's Sheds are alcohol, drug and smoke free 'workplace'. Every effort has been and will continues to be made to ensure that the work are is compliant with workplace OH&S standards to minimise risk of injury to participants . There are very few rules. The only obligation is for members to enjoy his time at the shed and contribute to the enjoyment of other members.

Other Contact: Contact - David McKenzie, (03) 5397 2137

Quick Facts About The Region

Dimboola Men's Outdoor Group - Mens Shed is located in the suburb of Dimboola, the council of Hindmarsh Shire and the federal electorate of Mallee.