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Goomalling WA 6460


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About Us

We are farmers and residents in the Ucarty sub-catchment region of Western Australia's vast Avon catchment region, in Ballardong Noongar Boodja (country). We value our natural resources: soil, water, air, biodiversity, climate and community. 

Our aims are to:

1. Conserve and protect indigenous flora and fauna.

2. Reverse environmental damage within the catchment area.

3. Promote land and water conservation practices for all types of land use and promote sustainable land use.

4. Develop a community based catchment planning approach.

5. Publicise conservation projects within the community.

6. Obtain funding for landcare purposes through self-funding and from local, state and federal government and private funding programmes.

7. Work in cooperation with local, state and federal government and private agencies for the betterment of landcare and sustainable land use.

Volunteers are welcome to help with our environmental protection activities.

We partner and/or receive help from other organisations (for example, Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management, Greening Australia, Department of Environment, Nutrisoil, Goomalling Community Resource Centre, Shire of Goomalling).

We can accept donations as a registered charity.

Membership of our group (for a small annual fee) is open to people who support our aims.


Quick Facts About The Region

UCARTY CATCHMENT GROUP INCORPORATED - Goomalling is located in the suburb of Goomalling, the council of Goomalling and the federal electorate of Durack.