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About Us

First Tae Kwon Do Yokine teaches the original, non-competitive style of Tae Kwon Do, which emphasises practical self-defence skills and the physical / mental development of our members. Our members train twice per week and also have the option of attending other First Tae Kwon Do classes at other venues throughout the week at no extra cost.

?Our members include schoolchildren, university students, and business professionals who understand the importance of honing their situational awareness and training to be mentally and physically ready for self-defence action, if the need should arise.

?The founder of First Tae Kwon Do Australia is Master Vernon Low who commenced teaching the art of Tae Kwon Do in Adelaide South Australia in the late 1960's before expanding his school into Western Australia. 

?We accept beginners from 6 to 60 years of age.  We invite prospective members to come along to a class to see what our training is like, and to apply for a free, no-obligation introductory class. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Quick Facts About The Region

First Taekwondo - YOKINE Dojang is located in the suburb of Yokine, the council of Stirling and the federal electorate of Stirling.