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About Us

We are a registered NDIS provider.

Community Connections offers experienced Coordination and Homeshare services

Coordination Services

Community Connections offer experienced and independent coordination services. We believe that good coordination is founded on trust and relationship. To serve you well we have to know you well, and the things that are important in your life.  With this as a foundation we will work with you to design and set up the supports that are important for you.

The coordinator will

  • work to build a trusting relationship with you over time,

  • attain a depth of understanding about the you, your life circumstances, strengths, goals, and dreams,

  • be trained to understand the factors that cause prejudice and devaluation, and are skilled in supporting people to overcome them,

  • work with you consistently over time

  • support you across community and service settings (not limited to service types or silo's ),

  • work with you in a planned manner to assist you to improve your quality of life and to enhance your skills, valued status, and resilience,

  • know and work in partnership with your family andbroader social network as required, and;

  • aim to reduce and/or cease services you connect to their community and your circumstances improve.

Current capacity


Levels of Supports Coordination

Community Connections offers all three levels of coordination services:

  • Supports Connection

  • Supports Coordination

  • Specialist Coordination of Supports

Management of Plan

Community Connections coordination services are available to people with all forms of management of their plans:

  • Self

  • Agency

  • Financial Intermediary

Community Connections is an experienced Plan Management (Financial Intermediary) service, and is able to offer Plan Management services in combination with Coordination services


Community Connections offers coordination services to people of all ages including:

  • Early childhood (0-8yrs)

  • Children / Young Adults

  • Adults

Focus of the plan

Community Connections is experienced in supporting people with a broad range of disabilities including

  • Physical Disabilities

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Psycho-social disability

  • Neurological disabilities

  • degenerative diseases

  • and people who also have other complex circumstances in their lives.

Our role will be to support you to achieve your goals and achieve those things that are most important to you including

  • Finding accommodation

  • Finding employment

  • Managing your tenancy

  • Connecting with your community

  • Finding meaningful roles

  • Building new skills, or further developing those you have

  • Building relationships

Homeshare Services

Homeshare is a simple and effective way of supporting people to live independently. Homeshare brings together two people:

  • The Householder: a person who may require companionship and assistance with some household chores, and

  • The Homesharer: who needs somewhere affordable to live. (eg. a student or someone looking to save money for a mortgage).  

    The Householder provides free/ reduced cost accommodation in exchange for companionship and domestic help provided by the Homesharer.

    Homesharing is a voluntary exchange of resources for mutual benefit.  The exact nature of what is exchanged will vary from arrangement to arrangement, depending on circumstances and needs of each person, however it is most common that the Home-sharer will be offered a room and shared facilities in exchange for services such as:

  • 10 hours of agreed help each week, and

  • being home by 6,30 at least 4 nights a week

  • Staying overnight six nights per week and for three weekends out of four, and

  • Staying for a minimum of nine months.

    The hours of agreed help provided by the Homesharer might include such things as: shopping, transport, gardening, meal preparation, cleaning, or washing. Homesharers do not undertake roles associated with paid support workers.  Homesharers do not provide personal care, administer medication, or advise on medical treatments.

    If you are interested in the Homeshare service, our Homeshare Manager can work with you to set up an arrangement that will best suit your needs. This process will include:

  • Advertising for a Homesharer to live with you.

  • Interviewing potential Homesharers and organising Police checks.

  • Developing an occupancy agreement.

  • Monitoring the arrangement and assisting you to resolve any issues that may arise along the way.

Quick Facts About The Region

Community Connections is located in the suburbs of Kambah and Tuggeranong, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.