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About Us

Goodsky provides cutting-edge recovery programs to firstly confirm the known causes of your depression anxiety and physical symptoms and then treat with the assistance of a professional integrated lifestyle medicine team, a qualified and experienced trauma psychotherapy team and case management professionals and specialists.

We look at symptoms as signposts, clues telling us what to look at in more depth. Rather than say what is wrong with you we would rather ask what has happened to you and find and treat the known physical and psychological contributors causing your symptoms.  Using the most up to date pathology and information from leading experts around the world, plus conventional medical doctors and pathologists, as well as mental health naturopaths and trauma processing psychotherapists and case managers.We work as a team to get you results.



Goodsky depression treatment program components

  • Case Management & SupportThis is where the Goodsky Team ties it all together providing structure and support and educational resources. – client liaison, program and application support, Professionals network management, phone application set up, biometric data management, program content management, appointment bookings and liaison, pathology requests and results management, X-ray/MRI requests and results, specialist reporting, medical history research, dietary tracking and much more.

  • Psychology & Trauma TherapyWe use psychologists and psychotherapists with advanced training in trauma processing and resolution. Most of our clients are talked out. Trauma therapy will get you results where other forms of therapy have failed.This is by far the favourite part of guests programs.

  • Medical Review & PathologyMeet with one of our doctors. Review your current health status, review medications, order medicare covered pathology and go over past medical history and talk to your current providers.

  • Bio-chemistry Pathology & TestingWe provide advanced cutting edge pathology testing to identify physical causes to your symptoms. This is not your standard pathology and will give you new vital information.We do more testing than any other program in the country and do it so we can rule conditions in or out and then start to treat.

  • Nutrition Review & Food As MedicineYour mental health nutritionist and the nutrition team will review and assess your current diet, your food intolerance results and other pathology create a personalised nutrition plan. Your food on program will be made specifically for you to reduce inflammation, rebalance your gut microbiome and give your body what it needs to heal.

  • Musculoskeletal AssessmentA lot of clients have pain, structural and flexibility issues. This assessment identifies them and then starts to treat to increase strength around injury and reduce pain contributing to mood issues.

  • Exercise PhysiologyWorking in conjunction with your musculoskeletal assessment your EP will construct an exercise program that suits you and your lifestyle but more importantly gets you moving correctly and in a way that is sustainable. Exercising properly is a great tool to feel better.





find the causes of your depression anxiety with Goodsky's natural mental health retreat on the sunshine coast


find the causes of your depression anxiety with a comprehensive short stay natural mental health retreat for depression and anxiety


find the causes of your depression anxiety with a dedicated lifestyle medicine team during your natural mental health home program

Quick Facts About The Region

Goodsky - Private Mental Health Programme is located in the suburb of Warana, the council of Sunshine Coast, the state electorate of Kawana and the federal electorate of Fisher.