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About Us

Canberra Glassworks is Australia’s only cultural centre that is wholly dedicated to contemporary glass art.

At its core Canberra Glassworks is a working Glassworks that provides access to glassmaking facilities for glass artists.

Australia has developed an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for the quality and skill of its glass artists.  By providing essential equipment, space and development opportunities through the Canberra Glassworks the ACT Government is giving these artists, and those that follow, opportunities to grow and further develop their glass practice, and to further contribute to this very special local industry.

Canberra Glassworks provides artists with state-of-the-art equipment; intensive workshops taught by leading glass artists; studios and mentorship programs; and a unique context to explore, develop and realise new work.

Canberra Glassworks also provides diverse opportunities for visitors to interact with and learn about glass making and the heritage of Canberra’s Kingston Powerhouse. Visitors can meet artists, see glassmaking as it happens, view exhibitions, take tours and have a hands-on experience working with glass.

Canberra Glassworks Purpose

Canberra Glassworks is Australia’s leading centre for contemporary glass art, craft and design and our purpose is:

  • To enhance the careers of artists by providing state?of?the?art equipment, facilities, and high quality programs which support innovation, development, production alongside the exhibition and promotion of their work
  • To provide accessible opportunities for children and adults to view and learn about contemporary glass and connect with the heritage values and history of the Kingston Powerhouse
  • To provide a world?class tourist experience alongside Canberra’s significant national attractions and institutions
  • To build and promote Canberra Glassworks as a nationally and internationally recognised Australian centre for excellence in contemporary art, craft and design
  • To operate in a manner that is professional and financially responsible so that Canberra Glassworks endures


Canberra Glassworks Mission

Our mission is to increase the visibility, viability and vitality of Australian glass by being an engaging and valued centre for art, craft and design within the Australian cultural landscape.

Quick Facts About The Region

Canberra Glassworks is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and Kingston, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.