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About Us

The Apps Learning Centre provides Disability Support Coordination, Connection and Specialist Support.  Areas of expertise include, children, teenagers and young adults.

A professional knowledge of the following services are offered: Autism, Aspergers, (ASD Spectrum), ADHD, Speech therapy services, Sensory Processing Services, Occupational Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Downs Syndrome, Global Delay, Dyslexia, foster children and children at risk, psychological services including Cognitive, Behavioural and Somatic Therapies.

The Apps Learning Centre is also experienced in behaviour management in children and teens. Mary-Anne Apps, Director, is an Educator with a Masters in Special Needs and Children at Risk.  She provides a holistic coordination for clients needing physical, social, academic, cognitive, sensory, emotional and wellbeing supports.

Other areas of knowledge are vocational transitioning from school into the workforce for purposeful employment and the acquisition of Cert II, III and IV certificates in vocational training. Also, the practice of planning and organisation.  This includes primary, high school and young adults who need the academic planning and organisation skills to help remain at school happily and productively. 

Registered under NDIS to deliver services - 

Assistance to integrate into school or other educational program; (Early intervention literacy, sensory  therapy and somatic experience therapy (for trauma); and

Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports (supports coordinator)

Quick Facts About The Region

The Apps Learning Centre is located in the suburbs of Ainslie and Canberra Central, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Fenner.