Literacy & Numeracy Programs

About Us

Communication aids come in all forms and we are here to find the one that is perfect for you or your child's needs. Our speech pathologists can assist to develop or maintain the skills of children, teenagers or adults and can support them with technology.

Choose between one-on-one sessions or group program where people will have the chance to socialise and practice their new skills. To maximise the benefit, we can also coach the participants family and others with the skills to help support their communication goals.

We also provide Alternative-Augmentative Communication (AAC) which supplements or replaces speech for people with communication difficulties. Options include:

  • Signing and gestures
  • Communication books, about me guides and picture dictionaries
  • Daily and weekly schedules
  • Communication boards or books with pictures, objects and/ or messages
  • Alphabet board
  • Speech generating devices.

Research shows that children who are slow to learn to speak actually benefit from using alternative ways of communicating, such as a speech generating device.

Using a communication aid does not prevent a child from learning to speak if they are able, nor will they 'forget' to use speech. 

People with more severe forms of communication impairment may simply find talking just too difficult, and that's when these aids are of great benefit.

Quick Facts About The Region

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is located in the suburbs of Belconnen and Scullin, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Fenner.