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School For Self Knowledge

School For Self Knowledge

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About Us

Offers practical guidance for those who seek to understand their true nature and lead a less stressful and more effective life.

The School for Self Knowledge is a cultural, educational organisation which was founded in 1987 and operates in Sydney and Canberra, Australia.

The School offers introductory courses of mindfulness and self awareness four times a year. These classes are offered for thoughtful men and women who seek a deeper inner peace, a greater fullness of life and enduring happiness.

The School is a wholly independent, not-for-profit unincorporated organisation. It is not associated with any political, religious or other organisations.

Tutors, or course presenters, are drawn from those students who through their own study, practice, and personal experience have attained a sufficient level of understanding of the practical application of the world’s great master teachers in order to guide and assist students. None of the tutors in the School are psychologists, or profess to be qualified to deal with psychological issues.

All services provided by the members of School are voluntary, without financial remuneration, and the income of the School is directed exclusively to support its aims and purpose.

The School is earnest and sincere and open to all. The courses offer discussions, personal practice and experience of mindfulness and self awareness.

Quick Facts About The Region

School For Self Knowledge is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and City, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.