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Starting near the McIndoe Park near the Swings, runners run down the pathway into the Botanical gardens taking a right turn and up towards the rose garden in which then leads back down into the gardens. Runners then take a left turn and follow the path all the way through the gardens to the railway bridge where they then cross the footbridge and up under the railway line on the other side. Following the concrete path up along the highway, runners turn right back into the gardens and follow the concrete path towards the top carpark. The run then turns into a gravel/stoney path and heads back into the botanical gardens towards the rainforest where a concrete path is once again underfoot. After passing through the rainforest and up towards the windmill, the path then leads down past the maze and back onto a gravel/ stoney road. Keeping on your left of the track we run over a WW2 wooden bridge to complete two loops. The first - going straight up the gravel path towards the railway bridge then heading right back along the gravel road where a second crossing across the WW2 bridge for a loop along the river towards the bridge. The path then heads up a narrow embankment where the path takes a left turn back onto the footbridge to the entrance of the botanical gardens and back into the botanical gardens. The final leg follows the pathway towards the other end and another right turn back up to the finish near McIndoe park. Facilities Facilities near the Start/ finish Line include toilets, Children's Swings and a car parking facility. Getting There Location of startThe run starts near the McIndoe Park near the Swings. Getting there by public transportNo public transport to the area. Getting there on footThe Botanical Gardens is situated in the centre of Emerald making access to the start/ finish line accessible from all carparks. Following footpaths through the botanical garden via signage, the Emerald Parkrun starts near the Alan McIndoe Park. Getting there by roadThe botanical gardens has several entrance points includingMcIndoe Park entrance - Opal Street Botanical entrance - Park and walk from the Capricornia highwayWindmill Entrance - Park and Walk from Rifle Range road Post Run Coffee Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in a local café - please come and join us!

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parkrun - Emerald is located in the suburb of Emerald, the council of Central Highlands, the state electorate of Gregory and the federal electorate of Flynn.