About Us

The Mackay Base Hospital is equipped with leading edge technology to assist us in providing the highest level of care to our communities.

Mackay Base is the first fully digital public hospital with medications management in a regional area.

The digital system gives the clinicians caring for you access to real-time information to allow the best clinical decisions to be made, providing safe and integrated care.

From the moment you come to hospital or are born, a full electronic medical record connects all of your care.

We no longer use paper to write down your allergies, notes, vital sign observations, to prescribe medicine or order tests such as pathology or medical imaging.

Every patient has a unique barcode on their armband that is scanned to connect all of their care in the one location.

Computers on wheels at the bedside give the treating team an instant picture of what has happened since a patient’s admission.

Patient safety is a big focus of the digital roll out, with our systems having in-built error checking, particularly for medication, that ensures that the right patient gets the right dose at the right time.

The new system benefits people who travel to larger hospitals for care as their full medical record is available instead of being on a paper chart that stays in Mackay.

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Quick Facts About The Region

Mackay Hospital and Health Service is located in the suburb of West Mackay, the council of Mackay, the state electorate of Mackay and the federal electorate of Dawson.