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About Us

The Queensland Ombudsman is an officer of the Queensland Parliament that investigates complaints about the actions and decisions of state government departments and agencies (including state schools and TAFE), local councils and publicly funded universities. Our complaints assessment and investigation service is free and independent. 

Some examples of what we can investigate include complaints about a decision to refuse a service or subsidy, the way an application has been handled, an exclusion decision from a program or service, fees or charges levied, the conduct of an officer, a policy or procedure.

Making a complaint may result in a change of decision, improvements to services, rectification of problems, review of and changes to laws and changes to policy, procedures and practices.

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Quick Facts About The Region

Queensland Ombudsman is located in the suburb of Brisbane City, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.